The Home of Kaibuzetta

– Video Game Developer – Digital Artist – Graphic Designer – Cat Kisser –

Not only is Kegabot an amazing artist, but she is attentive to detail and is able to create anything and everything you ask for! I screamed with excitement when I saw the results. It’s…it’s just perfection.”
-Rebrnrevolution, 5/5


“Great artist who works fast! Couldn’t have asked for anything better :)”
-Nanaprincess, 5/5


“Perfect art! It’s seriously what I hoped it would be and a bit more : ) Highly recommend this great artist!”
-Joelrobison, 5/5


“Outstanding Experience! Great work, very good communication …”
-Benthebooster, 5/5


“Incredible experience with incredible results! Don’t hesitate in making your order NOW!!!! :)”
-Kjdfsnjfdljsl, 5/5


“Awesome work. Very professional.”
-Hoodedgnome, 5/5

“Outstanding Experience! This is the happiest looking Soulglove has ever been.”
-Slingnast, 5/5

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